Sunday, January 29, 2012

The past week's been pretty good. The first few days were just school and just hanging out afterward, but on Thursday me and some guys went and bought sungas (brazilian speedos, there the rectangle ones instead of triangles), then went out to the beach to play some soccer with brazilians. Turned out pretty good. Friday we went to "Favela Paintball", theres a guy that went to PUC-Rio last year and just decided to stay, a few months ago he helped start a paintball business in one of the favelas, so a group of probably 30 gringos were walking through Santa Marta friday afternoon to play paintball at the top of the hill. It was fun, and the view was great, the favelas always have the best views of the city since they're on the hillside.
Saturday we went to Petropolis, a city about an hour away, it was a tour with the school, so not as fun as it could have been. Its where the portuguese royal family hung out, and I think it was the capitol at one point. The also have a few breweries and drink factories. We went to a museum and ate, and thats about it. But in the museum you had to put slippers over your shoes to not scratch the wood and marble. The slippers were, well, slippery, so you could slide, so that made it at least a little more fun.We also went to the house of some dude who they claims to be the first person to fly, in 1906. One guy was a little pissed at the anti-american propaganda. Overall a pretty good day.
Today I bought tickets to watch the parade of champions during carnival, supposed to be pretty cool. Then later going to get tickets for a Flamengos game (the club that Ronaldinho used to play for) that on wednesday, then to a pre-carnival samba practice or something, not really sure. Should be good though.
This is the last week of portuguese classes, over on thursday, then start back around the first of march with real classes. Still trying to figure out what I'm doing for the break. Ill let y'all know how it all goes.


  1. hahaha! are sungas a requirement to play beach soccer?? Im glad it 'turned out pretty good' ha!

  2. rectangular you basically looked like a naked guy on TV, with a black rectangle superimposed to cover everything up

  3. We need picts of the speedos!

  4. agreed. pictures are a must. Your having too much fun. Glad the "slippery slippers" made everything just that much more fun