Saturday, February 4, 2012

Another good week. On Sunday, after being unsuccessful in finding a carnival samba rehearsal, we went to a "funk" show in Rocinha. It was, well, interesting. The place looked like a underground parking lot that they now use for a club and the music was kinda like hip hop I guess. I would try to describe the rest of it to y'all, but I feel its wouldn't quite do it justice. Anyway, it was pretty cool, probably not gonna be a repeat customer though.
Wednesday we went to watch a flamengos game. There are four soccer clubs in Rio, Flamengos seems to have the biggest fan base, and they also have Ronaldinho. Best sporting event I've been too. People are waving huge flags all over the place, everyones got a jersey on, and they all absolutely love the flamengos. They were playing a club from Bolivia to qualify for the group stages of the latin american cup. Won 2-0 with Ronaldinho scoring in the last minute of stoppage time.
The next day we had our oral exam. So now we are done with school for 3 and a half weeks.
Thursday night we went to a bar that we were told did karaoke. They had a live band that would take requests basically. You look through their book, pick your song (they had tons), they give you the lyrics and start playing. Pretty cool.
Might be going up to the statue of Jesus today, not quite sure yet. But tomorrow we're going on the sweet hike again. Then to someones apartment for a guacamole competition in which I will be a judge, then we're gonna end up, hopefully, at a bar to watch the Superbowl.

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